January 27, 2016 Blog

“Frequently Asked Questions”

How long will my free ad run?

Only one week, unless you ask us to repeat it. To repeat your ad, click on the Repeat Free Ads button on the home page and type in the number(s) of the ad(s) from the previous issue you want to run again.

Why wasn’t my ad in the last issue?

You may have missed the deadline (noon Tuesday); we may have judged it a business ad; it may not have met our standards for publication. See the information printed in the Bulletin before each category or call our office at 256/492-8700 for help.

What constitutes a business ad?

If the activity is ongoing, it is a business. For example, ads for crafts made to sell are considered business ads. One quilt, however, is not. Pets over $100 must be paid ads. All rental ads must be paid. For these we recommend a boxed line ad for as little as $4.00 per week (when you buy 10 weeks). See the button on the home page that reads “Business Ads” or call our office at 256/492-8700 to purchase.

What is the deadline for each issue?

Normally it is Tuesday at noon for free ads. Once a year, on Thanksgiving week, we move the deadline to Monday noon and deliver the books on Wednesday instead of Thursday. We do not publish a Bulletin the week of Christmas.

Where can I get a printed copy of the Bulletin?

Call our office at 256-492-8700 for location information.

What is the Photo Search feature?

When you place an ad online you have the option of storing one photo on this website. When the Bulletin comes out readers can come to this site, click Photo Search on the home page, type in the number associated with your ad and view your photo. You can use this feature with any ad we accept, but we screen each photo and will take out any that don’t meet our standards before the books are delivered to stores.

Can I put my ad in more than one category?

Not in the same book. Pick the category you think best and if you don’t get results and want to move it next week, just call our ad taker to repeat the ad number and ask us to change the category. Our ad taker number is 256/492-8200.